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Update 23rd March 2016


Today 23rd of March 2016 at the Court d’appel in Paris - Chambre d’instruction, the trial of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru was resumed. The judges took into consideration the request from Romania to apply the European arrest warrant. Checking the papers from the file the court mentioned the fact that in the file there are not enough evidences to take a decision for now. Therefore it is needed another term on the file. 

It was taken into consideration Grieg’s status of political refugee in Sweden, all being proven by the papers provided by the Swedish embassy in Paris.

Regarding the request to set him free immediately, all sides were making arguments. The prosecutor considered that there are not enough arguments are asked for the request to be rejected. The lawyers argued in favour of immediate release. In the end the court decided that for the moment there are not enough guaranties for immediate release and decided to prolong the detention until 11th of May 2016 when it is the next court meeting.