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Use of Subliminal's in Danish TV


In the program “Danmark Ifølge Bubber - Sekten del 2”, so-called “subliminals” are used in order to color the image of the organization Natha. 


The vigilant viewer of Danmark Ifølge Bubber” may ask himself:

How come they included in the program sekten-del2” a sequence of 1.5 seconds with 16 pictures of logos from various organizations flashing over the screen?

The flicker rate is so high that the pictures successfully mask each other thus creating the subliminal effect.This means the pictures are only registered by the subconscious.

The logos are not visible to the naked eye when the TV show runs at a normal pace, but when the show is shown picture by picture it’s possible to recognize logos from “The Order of the Jarls of Baelder" (neo-nazi movement), Hizbut Tahrir, Al Qaeda, English Defence leage, Hamas, Ku Klux Klan, Hells Angels, Rote Arme Fraktion, Scientology, Taliban, Bandidos, Theosofical Society, and "Underground" (an American extremist and violent movement).

The sequence of pictures is a so-called “subliminal” which is only registered by the subconscious in the moment of the TV show when the person says: If one can support Natha, one can support everything”. In the science of media this is known as mind control and an attempt from the producer’s side to create strong negative emotions in the viewer about something (through association to something completely different) which the viewer already has strong negative feelings, fear and an aversion towards.

If Bubber had associated Natha with the organizations mentioned above in an obvious way he would probably have lost the sympathy of most of the viewers. By creating an unconscious and emotional anchor he actually doesen’t give the viewer a chance to choose for himself. This is not a documentary or open mind investigation, but manipulation which reveals the whole intention of the TV show.

The question is simple: How come TV2and the producer Eyeworks chose to use subliminals in a program like Danmark Ifølge Bubber”?

What is the intention and background of the TV show?

What do they wish to transmit through this manipulating making of the show?

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